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Welcome to my site!

I hope you enjoyed viewing my work. In pondering what little bit to say about me, I figured I’d stick with the facts:

  • I’m older than I once was when I was addicted to chocolate milk. Now that I’m in my forties (early forties mind you), I’ve sworn off the sugary drink for good. Hello VitaminWater ZERO.
  • Clients will tell you I never stop working, but I claim it’s because it just doesn’t feel like work to me – these pieces are my babies!
  • I love where I live, to the point I try never to leave my property. I guess you could say I’m reclusive. I’ll be in my art studio, thanks.
  • I have probably more scars than the average person, more life experiences too, and I’m trying my best to grow older as naturally as possible. (no Botox here folks)
  • I have a passion for helping the Endangered and Threatened Wildlife on our planet. We are pretty damn arrogant to think we are the only ones who are sentient, so I do my part to try to make a few of these beautiful souls have joy and live as they were meant to be.
  • I have been known to eat an entire cookie sheet of Grandma Bobbie’s tarts. It’s a feat!